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Monica Violeta Achim (Editor), Economic and Financial Crime, Sustainability and Good Governance, Springer, 2023
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Str. Teodor Mihali, Nr. 58-60 400591,
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Tel: +40 264-41.86.55
Fax: +40 264-41.25.70

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STUDIA Universitatis Babes Bolyai OECONOMICA


Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Str. Teodor Mihali, Nr. 58-60, s.503
400591, Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA

ISSN 1220-0506

Subject: Economics and Business

Studia Universitatis - Seria Oeconomica is published two times a year and focuses on theoretical and applied research in economics and business. This journal is an official publication of the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca, is an international journal publishing research of general interest in a broad range of economic and business disciplines, including:
- macro- and microeconomics
- economic policy
- international and public economics
- urban, rural and regional economics
- finance and banking
- accounting and audit
- marketing
- management and business administration
- statistics, econometrics, and other quantitative methods
- mathematics, game and decision theories
The scope of research approaches includes theoretical, empirical and experimental work. Studia Universitatis - Seria Oeconomica is edited by an international board of editors and associate editors from Europe. This ensures access to an international pool of referees and guarantees a high standard of published contributions. Editors are committed to a prompt turnaround of submissions.

We invited to submit papers to our journal. The instructions for authors can be found on the webpage.

Ultima actualizare: 12-03-2021

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